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Walter Bernard (Podgurski) entered the insurance business after graduating from Miami University of Ohio where he was an All-American wrestler and later was voted into the Miami University Athletic Hall-Of-Fame.

The great majority of his experience has been in voluntary employee benefit plans and publishing.In 1997, Mr. Podgurski formed what is now "Insurance Broadcasting" and the "Workplace Benefits Association."

In February 2011 Mr. Podgurski sold those assets to a major print publisher and event company.After working with the acquiring company for several years, In 2015 Walt was inducted into the "Worksite Marketing Hall Of Fame" and in 2016 his former company established the "Walt Podgurski Lifetime Achievement Award."

In early 2017 Mr. Podgurski set out to build companies two new companies: Daily Insurance Report and Connection Campus.

Mr. Podgurski and his wife live part of the year in Saint Augustine, Florida and part near Cleveland, Ohio.

He enjoys family, writing, running, weight-lifting, movies, reading, and traveling. Specialized skills include: Writing, Publishing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Worksite Marketing, Employee Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, ACA, Event Management, Digital and Virtual Publishing, Screenplays. PR, and Publicity.


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Phone: 440-773-1108
LinkedIn - (Over 7,500 1st level connections, please connect if we are not already networked)